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AI, is a dream unreachable?  The truth is human life has been deeply penetrated by various AI technologies. In the coming future, there is no doubt AI will play an important role in your daily life. Catch up! The train to AI era is about departing.

Let’s take daily applications for examples as below:
1. AI Smart Transportation
The first smart transportation enforcement system in Taiwan is set by Avalue Technology. An intelligent detection system of illegal parking is set in bus stop area and red line area to detect and identify illegal-parking vehicles and to fully record the violation process which helps improving the concept of following traffic regulation, releasing the traffic congestion and reducing the manpower of traffic police. ...learn more

2. AI Smart manufacturing
Avalue proactive predictive maintenance system follows the model established by data from attached sensors and machine learning process. A maintenance alert is sent out when a fault precursor is detected and this brings advantages of management of manpower and spare parts, effectively save the cost of labor and reduces the downtime.  ...learn more. 

3. AI Smart Retail
The trend of shopping are impacted by new retail environment changes and virtual integration, consumers expect O2O full channel trading environment in addition to physical purchases.  ...learn more. 

Visit https://www.avalue-solutions.com/en for more information.

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Intel® 8th/9th Coffee Lake Rugged Fanless Embedded System
15" Intel® Celeron® J1900 Fanless Rugged Touch Panel PC with IET Expansion
China International Industry Fair 2019
Date:17-21 Sep. 2019 Venue: National Exhibition and Convention Center
OFT-15W01 15.6 inch LCD change
Update of Products Adopted AMD Geode LX800 Platform
OFT-10W01 Touch controller IC changed

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