Enabling Intelligence in Vehicle Management
Integrating traditional generic computing system into vehicles is high in cost and low in efficiency. Therefore, Avalue provides dedicated  in-vehicle solutions to meet the challenges of this application.  We branch out the different interface module for variety of applications, to make it more reliable and valuable.
Avalue has delivered our in-vehicle solutions for on-road and off-road vehicles, and was able to design the best solution possible to customer’s projects. We always work closely with customers and come up with customized solutions to enable their success.
There are some applications on which we focus.
  • Fleet management
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Asset tracking
  • Video analytics
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Special Features
  • Support isolation up to 5KV, enhancing the reliability and stability of the computer by providing protection.
  • For vehicle diagnostics, the in-vehicle computer can communicate with cars and devices through CAN Bus.
  • Modulized solution (IET module) for different applications and demands speeding up your time to market.
  • Military level anti-vibration & anti-shock rugged design for transportation use, such as bus, garbage truck, ambulance, taxi, fire truck and heavy truck.
  • Wide-temperature & wide-voltage design to withstand industrial operating environments.
  • Front accessible hard drive bay and service windows, enabling users to perform maintenance.
Certifications :
MIL-STD-810G, CE, FCC,e13
Certified with MIL-STD-810G for system ruggedness (anti-vibration and anti-shock), as well as e13 mark, the approval required for cars, motorcycles and a variety of components and systems in order to enter the European market.
Application diagram
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